KARKAS: a toolkit for creating a knowledge base
KARKAS: the shell for creating a knowledge base

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04 Август 2022

07 Февраль 2019
MODEL OF HIERARCHICAL FUNCTIONAL SYSTEM FOR CLUSTER ANALYSIS Collection of Scientific Papers of KhNUPS 2(56). Kharkiv, 2018, p. 82 - 88. The model of the hierarchical functional system of the subject area...

24 Апрель 2015
Laboratory workshop on the system "KARKAS" / Computer Based Training Contains laboratory work, the purpose of which is the practical development of skills in the construction of knowledge bases by users using a tool...

KARKAS: the shell for creating a knowledge base

The modern development of the Internet considers distributed intelligent systems as qualitatively new technologies, the features of which are the modeling of functional systems, the use of a dynamically developing ontology of the subject area, and the multi-agent selection of an adaptive decision-making strategy.
Over the past decades, ontologies have been of particular interest to artificial intelligence researchers. Ontologies can be used to represent knowledge about domain concepts and relationships, as well as to describe the content of Web pages. In addition, ontologies can be used to build knowledge bases not only for expert systems, but also for any other applications.
The  system KARKAS implements the main tools, services (middleware) for building knowledge bases of the subject area using a hierarchical functional system and thus facilitates the construction of expert and expert-learning systems.
Online KARKAS. There are many programs for communication - Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, ICQ and others. But in the business environment, the free Telegram manager is increasingly becoming the corporate communication standard. This is due to the following reasons: a high degree of data encryption in it, stability, the ability to transfer large amounts of information, the openness of the protocol, cross-platform. On the other hand, Telegram provides an API-based library for working with chatbots. Using Telegram as an interlocutor when working with KARKAS provides more opportunities to quickly consult with an expert system via a smartphone, which, for example, is important for making effective decisions in various subject areas such as: medicine, ecology, business. In other words, it is now possible to send a text message to the programmed RIBS chatbot - @RIBS_karkas_bot (a bot for determining the risk of coronary heart disease) and receive the necessary information immediately, that is, carry out a real-time consultation.
Video about expert system: risk factors of coronary heart dusease (ES_RCHD Android)