KARKAS: a toolkit for creating a knowledge base
KARKAS: the shell for creating a knowledge base

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04 Август 2022

07 Февраль 2019
MODEL OF HIERARCHICAL FUNCTIONAL SYSTEM FOR CLUSTER ANALYSIS Collection of Scientific Papers of KhNUPS 2(56). Kharkiv, 2018, p. 82 - 88. The model of the hierarchical functional system of the subject area...

24 Апрель 2015
Laboratory workshop on the system "KARKAS" / Computer Based Training Contains laboratory work, the purpose of which is the practical development of skills in the construction of knowledge bases by users using a tool...

Teacher Monitor

In the network version, the "KARKAS" system operates as follows. In the classroom (VC) on each of the computers the "KARKAS" system is installed. For testing monitoring, for example, the tenth computer is selected, on which the teacher or assistant will work. In teacher's monitor mode, a connection is established with each computer of the CC. As a result of establishing a connection with the CC computers, an active list of users appears who can start training and testing.
When establishing a connection between the "monitor" of the teacher and the student's computer, the last computer is informed of the IP address of the teacher's computer, so that at the end of the test the system sends the assessments and the test protocol over the network.
 If, as a result of collisions in the network, the test result does not appear in the table, the teacher can obtain these results using the "Evaluation" menu item. Then the fields of the "monitor" program form are filled in: discipline, teacher's surname, faculty, course, group ─ and the "Save list" button is pressed.
The "monitor" of the teacher also provides the following options for monitoring testing and student learning:
scan the active user's desktop. This allows the teacher to monitor in real time how the student works at the computer;
get a list of running programs on the student's computer and, if necessary, block unnecessary programs (menu item "LOG");
get test scores and test protocol;
establish a connection with a network computer by its IP address;
scan the local network and find active users to work with the "KARKAS" system;
The "Save list" button is designed to create a testing list in the form of an MS Excel file.
With the help of the "Test protocol" button, all test protocols received from local computers are collected into one MS Excel file that can be burned to a CD.

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