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KARKAS: a toolkit for creating a knowledge base
KARKAS: the shell for creating a knowledge base

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04 Август 2022

07 Февраль 2019
MODEL OF HIERARCHICAL FUNCTIONAL SYSTEM FOR CLUSTER ANALYSIS Collection of Scientific Papers of KhNUPS 2(56). Kharkiv, 2018, p. 82 - 88. The model of the hierarchical functional system of the subject area...

24 Апрель 2015
Laboratory workshop on the system "KARKAS" / Computer Based Training Contains laboratory work, the purpose of which is the practical development of skills in the construction of knowledge bases by users using a tool...


Laboratory work "Internet technologies"

Today, no company or firm can do without its own Internet site. The site can perform a huge number of tasks that save the owner’s time and money by providing a wide range of services, information about goods and services on it, but also allows you to solve the problems of distance learning.
The modern Internet dictates the need to use knowledge engineering methods to solve a wide class of practical problems. Semantic Web initiative, the main goal of which is to give a logical structure to the huge amounts of data published on the Internet in order to improve the usability of this information. One of the main achievements of the Semantic Web project was the development of a standard for describing ontologies - OWL (Ontology Web Language).
An ontology is understood as a structural specification of a subject area, its conceptual description in the form of a formalized representation, which includes a dictionary of subject area terms and logical expressions that describe the relationship of these concepts.
Interest in ontologies reveals the use of a tool (the KARKAS system) for creating knowledge bases. The content of the laboratory workshop in combination with the work with the ″KARKAS″ system makes it possible to interest and help the teacher to study modern sections of the discipline ″Informatics″.
The modern competent learning model uses not only the possibilities of Web 2.0, but is largely based on the "cloud computing" paradigm. Many methodological materials of the site are located and available from the cloud https://cloud.mail.ru/home/Cloud_MailRu/. And for the execution of educational computer programs, you can use a cloud Web service http://ideone.com
С++ shell

Methodical materials "Internet technologies"

The laboratory workshop on the discipline ″Economic Informatics″ contains laboratory work, the purpose of which is the practical mastering of Internet technologies by students, as well as the development of practical skills in office programming.

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