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KARKAS: a toolkit for creating a knowledge base
KARKAS: the shell for creating a knowledge base

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04 Август 2022

07 Февраль 2019
MODEL OF HIERARCHICAL FUNCTIONAL SYSTEM FOR CLUSTER ANALYSIS Collection of Scientific Papers of KhNUPS 2(56). Kharkiv, 2018, p. 82 - 88. The model of the hierarchical functional system of the subject area...

24 Апрель 2015
Laboratory workshop on the system "KARKAS" / Computer Based Training Contains laboratory work, the purpose of which is the practical development of skills in the construction of knowledge bases by users using a tool...

Artificial intelligence

Paradigm - a set of concepts, starting points accepted and disseminated by the scientific community

Dictionary of artificial intelligence

Lectures on discipline 'Artificial Intelligence Systems'

Laboratory work on the system "KARKAS"

The laboratory workshop is devoted to one of the main areas in computer science - artificial intelligence. It is especially relevant today, when in the context of the developing Internet, when solving an increasing number of problems, knowledge of the subject area is directly used, and more and more often artificial intelligence methods are used to solve traditional problems. In this regard, knowledge of languages ​​and methods of artificial intelligence, models and means of representing knowledge and the ability to use them becomes vital for a modern specialist in the field of economics.
The main goal of the laboratory workshop is to study mathematical models, artificial intelligence methods and software for designing intelligent information systems in the economy.
Objectives of the laboratory workshop:
to give students a systematic knowledge of the main models, methods, tools and languages ​​that are used in the development of artificial intelligence systems;
to acquaint students with the main methods of finding solutions that are used in artificial intelligence systems;
to form the student's analytical abilities that would allow him to make an informed choice of the studied methods, means, and if solving problems from the problem area in which they specialize.
When studying this discipline, the student must master the following competencies:
make a comparative analysis and justify the choice of a model and means of knowledge representation;
build a model of a given subject area using the studied means of knowledge representation;
apply new methods for solving problems in the subject area;
make a comparative analysis and justify the choice of the artificial intelligence language for solving the problem.

Methodological materials for working with the "KARKAS" system


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